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What ıs a Dental Implant, How ıs ıt Installed?

Dental implants are screw-type structures that are applied to the jawbone in order to eliminate tooth deficiencies, imitating the tooth root and on which prosthesis can be made.

Structures that are not used due to the nature of living things become atrophied over time. Since the jaw bones are not exposed to force due to tooth deficiencies, they begin to melt over time. Melting of the jawbone causes the gingiva adjacent to the bone to decrease over time. Implant, on the other hand, imitates the nature of the tooth in case of tooth deficiency and helps to preserve the structure of the existing bone. It brings about events such as the preservation of the bone structure, the appearance of the gums, lips and facial muscles. If we give an example of a single missing tooth, if an attempt is made to eliminate the missing tooth by making a bridge, the bone in the missing tooth area will continue to melt over time, so the bone and therefore the gum in that area cannot be preserved.

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